RCbenchmark Software

Included software

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Intuitive and powerful

Real-time plots
Automatic and manual control
Powerful scripting
Record CSV files
Control servos and motors
Work with units of your choice
Safety cutoffs protect system
Always up-to-date

Open source software

We want to give you the opportunity to customize the product for your specific needs. With the open source software, you will have the freedom to add any sensor, hack our device to work with larger motors, or any application we have not though about. We can't support or tell you how to achieve what you want, but our software is clean, well documented and easy to learn. We would love to hear from your custom projects!

Automatic control

Built-in scripts that you can run:

  • Get motor KV: run this script to get your motor's KV value. Just press "run" and the KV value will be returned
  • Get number of poles: run this script to get the number of poles of your motor.
  • Ramp in steps: this script automatically changes the throttle to the motor in incremental steps. It saves a new sample at every step.
  • Ramp continuously: this script continuously records data while slowly increasing the throttle


Music Credit: Monday Morning by timbeek.com

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Automate everything!

Write your own scripts from scratch using our simple Api functions, or use one of the built-in scripts as a starting point. It's easy yet very powerful. Our Api allows you to write data to files, control the motor, set safety limits, read sensors, and a lot more. The scripts are written in the industry standard javascript syntax.

The scripts are easy to manage using our built-in editor. Everything you need is built-in the software so you don't need to use any external editor (but you can if you want).