Series 1580

Measure torque, thrust and
mechanical efficiency.


Series 1520

The perfect tool for
drone racers.


Otus Tracker

Powerful motion tracker
for robot designers.


What is RCbenchmark?

Tools for robot designers by robot designers.
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We have helped hundreds of designers and researchers complete their projects.
High Quality Hardware

Final inspection and assembly is done at our facility in Canada.
Great User Experience

Our philosophy is to make the testing process simple and straightforward with no compromise.

OTUS Tracker

Motion Capture for Robot and Drone Designers

High-speed, low-latency, light-weight tracking system to monitor position and orientation with sub-millimeter accuracy. Based on VR technology, the Otus tracker supports multiple platforms, such as ROS, C++ and Python.

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Learn about motor and propeller testing.

About the Series 1580 Dynamometer  1:56

Learn about the RCbenchmark Series 1580 dynamometer and how it can improve performance of drones, motors and propellers.

Measurement Tutorial 2:42

Charles, one of your developers, will introduce the procedure for preparing, installing, calibrating and running tests using the RCbenchmark Series 1580.