About RCbenchmark

RCbenchmark strives to offer the best tools for robot and drone designers. The company was started by two designers embarking on an ambitious project: designing the quietest micro helicopter for tactical police officers. During the prototyping phase, they realized that important tools were missing and had to be custom built to maximize the performance of their designs. They decided improve those tools and make them available to other designers. RCbenchmark tools are now used by hundreds of designers, researchers, hobbyists and students.

The co-founders 


Charles is a co-founder of RCbenchmark. He has done design work for private companies before co-creating the fastest growing company in the UAV and drone testing tools market. He obtained a Master of Mechanical Engineering in 2015 from the University of Ottawa. Charles also has extensive experience as a designer for private companies and as a researcher in robotics.


Dominic is the co-founder who’s supervising the technical part. From software development to the production passing by the troubleshooting, he’s in charge of ensuring  that the product is working. Graduates from the University of Ottawa, he obtains his master degree of mechanical engineering and a double bachelor of mechanical engineering and in the information technology.