Optimizing Small Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aircraft

Optimizing Small Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aircraft

Dr. Stephen D Prior is a researcher and teacher at the University of Southampton in the UK. He is known for his work on testing propulsion systems and studying methods to increase flight time and payload capacity.

He recently worked on the testing of coaxial and partially overlapping propeller configurations, with the help of his individual project student, Adrian Weishaeupl. His research involved varying the distance between two propellers and the axial alignment to get a partial overlap. To achieve his tests he used two Series 1780 Dynamometers:

His findings are documented in his recent book: Optimizing Small Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aircraft - A Practical Design Guide. It combines ten years of experience acquired researching propulsion systems. He also participated in the IMechE UAS Challenge with students from Southampton University.

This book is an excellent starting point to learn about selecting the correct propulsion system for your UAV. It will teach you the related theory and concepts such as Figure of Merit (FM) or propeller efficiency. Dr. Prior also covers the practical aspects of safely handling Li-Po batteries. Did you know Li-Po fires required a specific type of extinguisher?

We thoroughly enjoyed the read, and the book will be an essential reference in our testing and training procedures. To buy the book:

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Taylor & Francis Group


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