Automatic Control PID

​1.​ Applicable products

  • Series 1520 Thrust Stand
  • Series 1580 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer
  • Series 1585 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer
  • Series 1780 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer

2.​ What describes your problem?

Please find within the following table which describes your problem. Once selected, mark down the troubleshooting points to follow.

Scope table

 Problem specific troubleshooting

3.1​ Can I make an automatic control script with a given RPM or thrust input?

In general, the automatic script control allows output to the stand through the throttle (%). If you wish to make a close-loop control to hold or to achieve a certain level of thrust or RPM, please follow this guideline.

Unfortunately, we do not have a published script example for the PID script control. You may modify this example script and write from there, but it may not work without modification, since every powertrain has different time constants:

We also recommend reading the RCbenchmark GUI library and API before programming located under the Automatic Control tab:

4​. Problems persist?

We offer customized programming and scripting services and  for our customers purchased the thrust stand, please contact We also offer extended support contracts including phone and video conference at affordable rates.

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