Research platform Otus Quadcopter with the Otus tracker, Indoor motion capture

Otus Quadcopter

$ 1,600.00 USD

Please take note that this product does not include the Otus tracker.  The Otus Quadcopter is a 250 size quadcopter, preconfigured for indoor flig...

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Front view of the Otus Tracker

Otus Tracker

$ 1,290.00 USD

The Otus tracker performs indoor motion capturing on robots and UAVs.  The Otus tracker provides a tracking resolution of 1 mm and maximum 250 Hz r...

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Series 1580, Dynamometer, Thrust stand, upper support plate

Series 1580 - Upper Support Plate

$ 48.00 USD

The upper support plate is a major mechanical component on the Series 1580.  This product is the metal part only, for replacement or spare.

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