Motion capture for drones

The ultra light OTUS tracks an object’s position and orientation with sub-millimeter precision, high refresh rate (250 Hz), and very low latency. Optimized for indoors UAVs and robots, the tracker weighs under 60 g.

Develop better, more precise robots

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How to use video 2:20

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OTUS Tracker and Software

Motion capture and object tracking for UAVs, drones, and robots.


The wireless Otus tracker is installed on and powered from your drone or robot through a 5V header or a micro usb. It weights under 60 g.


Two HTC Vive basestations are required. No calibration required!


The pose information is streamed wirelessly to a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. Using RCbenchmark Tracking Lab and our plugins, you can easily obtain the tracking information in ROS, Matlab (in development), C++ or a simple text file.

From $2280, all inclusive.

Multi-functional Indoor Tracking System 

Accelerate your development and reduce your costs.

UAV Controller

An ultra precise tool to test and evaluate the performance of UAV control system.

Autonomous Helicopter Icone
Industrial Robots

Evaluation of the kinematics of industrial robot using sub-millimeter tracker to carry out high-precision tasks.

Autonomous Fixed Wing Icone
Drone Landing System

Increase accuracy of any drone landing/docking system and improve the algorithm by applying the ultra-precise tracker.

Our Software

Motion capture made simple.

RCbenchmark Tracking Lab  allows you to quickly visualize, record and stream pose information to ROS, C++, Python and more. Multithreaded, it runs on most laptops. Ideal for testing outside your lab! Get started quickly with our quacopter or robot control examples.

Our solution

Otus Tracker

Competing system

4 camera motion capture system

  • 5 – 10 minutes setup.
  • 5 × 5 × 3 m tracking volume.
  • 5 m x 5 m required floor space.
  • 1 – 2 hours setup.
  • 2 Ø × 2 m tracking volume.
  • 6 m Ø required floor space.

In the box.


  • Two HTC Vive® Basestations from AmazonHTC or our website.
  • Your drone or robot with standard 5V servo output to power the tracker.
  • Windows based computer. The client software receiving the data can be any computer with ethernet or Wifi access.


  • Otus Tracker.
  • USB wireless receiver.
  • USB to 3-pin connector to power the tracker.
  • USB extension.
  • USB A to USB mini.
  • Vibration isolators for aerial vehicles.

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