Designed for motor and propeller testings 

Designed for Brushless Motors Testing

Our product are made for all motor sizes 

Our dynamometers are made for motors from 5A to 500A and from 5V to 100V. If you are a drone motor manufacturer, we probably have a tool for you.

Improve the Efficiency of your Motors

Provide accurate data to your clients

Build Powerfull Brushless Motors 

The best way to get your motor's efficiency 

Our dynamometer provides accurate electrical and mechanical power data. You can quickly test various configuration to optimize the motor for your client's needs.

Our tools can be very useful to test your motor's endurance. You can measure temperatures and verify bearings lifetime.

Run Quality Control on your Production Line

Our dynamometers help you guaranty that your motors will survive the toughest conditions.

Quality control is crucial to reduce support costs and client satisfaction. Our dynamometers can be a key component in production. Their automation can help you to deliver safe, reliable and great products to your clients. 

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Test Different Motor/Propeller Configurations

Give truthful informations to your clients 

The RCbenchmark software allows you to upload your test on our database. This is really interesting when it comes to test a motor with different propeller: you can find-out easily which propeller to use in order to have the best efficiency! 

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Improve your Propeller Designs

Run aerodynamic tests

Design Tailor-made Propellers 

Run wind-tunnel tests

The drone industry is becoming bigger and bigger and the propeller demand is increasing. Our dynamometer range can allows your to run aerodynamic tests, quality control tests and endurance tests on your propellers.  

Series 1780 Dynamometer 

Run Tests with Propellers up to 62 inches

We designed different dynamometers for all your needs. You can confirm your propellers' performance in unusual conditions: Coaxial Face-to-Face, Coaxial Back-to-Back and Offset Coaxial ! 

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