Series 1780 single motor

Series 1780 Thrust Stand 

Optimize electric propulsion system performances

Testing your drone propulsion system will allow you to find the best motor/propeller combination for your flight conditions.
The Series 1780 thrust stand allows you to test up to 75 kgf of thrust for a single propeller. The stand is used with the RCbenchmark software, which allows you to read key data such as propeller and motor efficiency. 

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Serie 1780 Coaxial

Extend Drone Flight Time and Performance

Accurately measure electric motor efficiency and propeller efficiency

Optimizing propeller and motor efficiency will help you save your drone battery life. Therefore, you will be able to extend your flight time or improve your lifting capacity.
The Series 1780 is available in different configurations, depending on the design of your drone. You can test coaxial rotors simultaneously as well as single rotors.  

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Maximum Thrust

75 kgf (165 lbf)

Maximum Torque

48 Nm

Maximum Voltage


Maximum Current

500 A continuous

Test Different Drone Designs

Designed for heavy-lift drone testing

single-rotor testing

Single rotor 

The single rotor configuration allows the testing of one propeller at a time. This is perfectfor optimizing any kind of single-propeller drone designs like classic quadcopters or fixed wing drones.

coaxial testing back to back

Back-to-back coaxial rotors

The coaxial back-to-back rotor configuration allows the testing of two propellers simultaneously. This setup allows you to optimize coaxial quadcopters, hexacopters or octocopters. 

coaxial testing face to face

Face-to-face coaxial rotors

The coaxial face-to-face rotor configuration allows the testing of two propellers simultaneously without distance restriction between the propellers. 

coaxial testing offset

Face-to-face offset rotors

The coaxial face-to-face rotor configuration can be used with an offset between the two propellers. This configuration allows the testing of multiple coaxial designs. 

Series 1780 propeller testing

Tailored for Propeller Testing

Propeller test stand for thrust measurement

Propeller efficiency depends on multiple factors such as diameter, pitch, or propeller materials. The Series 1780 can be used as a propeller test stand to test and characterize your propeller efficiency. The Series 1780 - 75 kgf rating allows you to test propellers up to 70 inches (1.70) meters in diameter. 

Custom-Made Load Cell

Load sensor designed for brushless motor testing

The Series 1780 load cell has been designed especially for brushless motor and propeller testing for the drone industry. We support all kinds of electric motor mounting points. 
The load cells have been mounted in a tripod configuration to maximize space and be aerodynamic-friendly. The Series 1780 load cell can measure up to 75 kgf of thrust and 48 Nm of torque for a single propeller.

Series 1780 load cell
RCbenchmark software

Drone Propulsion Measurement Software

100% open source data aquisition software

The Series 1780 thrust stand comes with the open-source RCbenchmark data acquisition software. The software allows you to write scripts for you to automate your tests. You can also interface your software by using a UDP connexion. This features will allows you to create any kind of automation tests. We also provide pre-writen scripts to give you an example of what you can do. 

Features Measured Data Derived Data
Manual control Thust Mechanical power
Real time plotting Torque Electrical power
Automation testing RPM Propeller efficiency
Automatic recording Current Motor efficiency
Output data into CSV. file Voltage System efficiency
Pre-built scripts Temperature
Adjustable cutoffs values Airspeed
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All-Inclusive Solution for Brushless Motor and Propeller Testing

Find the most efficient motor/propeller combination for your drone

Load cell and sensors

RCbenchmark load cell

The load cell unit is custom-made for brushless motor testing. 

Holding structure and hardware

RCbenchmark holding structure

The holding structure and railing system are provided to safely fix your stand on the ground. The railing system allows you to move your stand vertically and horizontally.

DAQ system

RCbenchmark DAQ system

The DAQ system is fully galvanized to protect your computer and electronics from static electricity and electrostatic noise.

Data acquisition and control software

RCbenchmark app

The RCbenchmark software allows you to control your stand, record and export your data, and automate your tests.