Thrust Stand for Drone Designers

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Improve your Drone's Efficiency  

Motor, propeller, material, design. All those factors are essential when it comes to design a drone.

The Series 1780 Thrust Stand allows you to test your drone in every motor configuration : Face-to-Face, Back-to-Back and Offset.

Designed for Large and Complex Electrical Propulsion System

Measure thrust, torque, motor and propeller efficiency

Agricultural Drone 

Improve your drone's range for bigger farms 

Drones are revolutionizing agriculture. They can replace airplanes, which reduces noise and pollution.

By testing your drone, you will be able to choose the best motor/propeller setup, which will allow you to improve its range of operation.

Military Drone 

Improve your flight time for long-duration mission 

The Series 1780 thrust stand was designed to test bigger drones. In fact, it is perfect for military drones which have bigger propellers and need more power. 

Shipping Drone 

Improve your payload capacity to lift bigger packages 

We all dream to receive our packages from the air, right? It is becoming a reality. Our thrust stand allows the design of drones with enough thrust and range to deliver packages economically. 

Test Vehicles of All Sizes

All our products are designed and manufactured in Canada