Drone flying in front of large wind generator

Wind Tunnel Drone Testing

Perform free flight tests in your own lab with a custom wind generator

We offer wind generators that are fully customizable to meet your testing needs. With simple commands you can generate wind flows and gusts that simulate real flying conditions.

Drone testing is made easy with easy to use software that lets you control each fan individually, simulating conditions you will encounter in nature. Add weather effects, a motion capture system or tilting capability to test your drone in every environment.

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Wind Generators in Any Shape and Size

Custom-built for Your Testing Facility

20 x 20 inch wind generator

20 x 20 inches

30 x 60 inch wind generator

30 x 60 inches

80 x 80 inch wind generator

80 x 80 inches

120 x 120 inch wind generator

120 x 120 inches

The Technology

  • Fan modules are 10 x 10 inches 
  • Each module has 9 fans
  • Simple to design and build 
  • Ultra modular and scalable
A wind module with 9 fans

The Control Software

  • Full control of individual fans
  • Dynamic wind profile u=f(x,y,t) 
  • Custom Python scripting
  • Control wind timing and flow
WindControl software

Free Flight Testing

Use Your Wind Generator to Test Drones in Flight

Add-on Systems

Enhance your Wind Tunnel Testing with These Tracking Systems

Motion Capture

Precise, large-scale 3D motion capture systems

Drone test in simulated rain

 Real-time flow visualization to map, process and display 3D-flow topology

Drone tested with motion capture system