Series 1520/1580/1585 - Custom Load Cell

$ 27.00 USD

All our thrust measurement tools include recommended load cells. You will need a replacement load cell if an original load cell is damaged. You can also experiment load cells of a different rating.

Please be aware that using load cell of a higher rating than the default will void the warranty of the Series 1520/1580/1585 because those thrust stands were not tested and designed for loads higher than 5 kgf. It is highly recommended to use the stronger hinges if upgrading load cells. Do not use the L-brackets.

Please choose the capacity of the load cell you need to purchase.

This product is the load cell only. Lead time may be longer than our regular products as it can take up to two business days for crimping your load cell. Please take note that for torque measurement on the Series 1580/1585, the system needs two load cells with the same rating.

See here for information on the wiring.

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