Series 1520/1580/1585 - Optical RPM Probe V1

$ 24.00 USD

Accurately and reliably measure motor rotation speed with this optical RPM probe. This product is an optical rotation speed sensor for the motor on your RCbenchmark Series 1520/1580/1585. Directly connect this probe to the “Servo1” plug, and you are good to go. It comes with reflective tape. The instructions to install the probe are in the RCbenchmark software.

Note that we have a newer version that comes with mounting hardware (see the accessories section on the right).

Use this optical probe if the electrical probe provided with your Series 1520/1580/1585 is not compatible with your motor/ESC/voltage combination. The optical probe is recommended for low Kv motors (<700 Kv), for very high-speed motors (>150 000 eRPM), or if you want to use brushed motors.

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