Otus Quadcopter

$ 1,600.00 USD

Please take note that this product does not include the Otus tracker. 

The Otus Quadcopter is a 250 size quadcopter, preconfigured for indoor flight. It is an open platform for multiple purposes: training, education, innovation, and R&D.

This product is hardware only and does not include LiPo batteries, Otus tracker, or base stations. It can be used as a replacement or as a stand-alone product with your camera based motion capturing system. You may also add the Otus tracker in the accessory section, or purchase any of our all-inclusive bundle.

Each quadcopter includes:

  • 250 size quadcopter frame
  • Preset motors, ESCs, and propellers
  • Pixhawk®, Dronecode™ and Dronekit™ environment
  • Raspberry Pi®
  • Complete dynamical characterization

You need a 2400 mAh 4S LiPo battery and a PS4 controller (or another controller compatible with Qgroundcontrol). Strong 2.4 GHz transmitters sometimes interfere with the wifi network and with the Otus tracker. We recommend to use a transmitter connected to the computer through Qgroundcontrol and Wi-Fi).

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