Otus Tracker

$ 1,290.00 USD

The Otus tracker performs indoor motion capturing on robots and UAVs. 

The Otus tracker provides a tracking resolution of 1 mm and maximum 250 Hz refresh rate. It supports up to 13 trackers within an environment 5 m x 5 m x 5 m from tracking area covered by two base stations. The tracker weighs less than 60 g.

Please take note that this is not a stand-alone product. You need to have the base station and the RCbenchmark Tracking Lab Pro software to carry out the motion capturing. You may also purchase one of our all-inclusive bundle that includes all the necessary components at a discounted price.

This product includes:

  • Motion tracking module (1)
  • Wireless receiver (1)
  • Wireless received USB extension cord (1)
  • Vibration isolation mount (1)
  • Mini USB to 3-pin servo cable (1)
  • Foam tapes (12)

*Lead time may vary for orders with more than 10 trackers.

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