~ Discontinued - Otus Tracker All-Included Bundle

$ 945.00 USD
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The Otus Tracker is discontinued. Please click here for more information. We will support all existing clients for at least 24 months after their purchase. Leftover inventory is sold at 50% off the regular price (excluding base stations). Please see the update bundle price list on this page.

The Otus tracker is an indoor motion capture tool for robots and UAVs. This bundle includes all the necessary components for motion capture, with the exception of a Windows-based computer.

The Otus tracker provides a tracking resolution of 1 mm and maximum 250 Hz refresh rate. It supports up to 13 trackers within an environment 5 m x 5 m x 5 m from tracking area covered by two base stations. The tracker weighs less than 60 g.

The Otus tracker bundle includes:

  • Otus tracker*
  • Base stations (2)
  • RCbenchmark Tracking Lab Pro license (1)

*Number of Otus trackers determined by your choice of the bundle.

You may also choose to purchase the tracker only if you want to add more of them into your pre-established system.

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