Series 1580/1585 - RC Control Board

$ 150.00 USD

This is an RC Control Board that is compatible with Series 1580/1585 Dynamometer. 

The RC Control Board features:

  • Support multiple ESC protocols (DShot150/300/600, OneShot42/125, MultiShot, Standard PWM with different frequency output)
  • 4 channels of the signal output to the ESC
  • Compatible with the existing Series 1580/1585 Dynamometer
  • Control on the RCbenchmark GUI
This product includes:
  • RC Control Board circuit board (1)
  • M3 Nylon female-male standoff 8mm (4)
  • M3 Hex Nut (4)
  • I2C Extension cable 250mm (1)
For the detailed information and instruction, please find it in the user manual.

Before purchasing the RC Control Board, please confirm the ESC you are going to use is able to support at least one of the ESC protocol mentioned above.

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