Series 1580/1585 Education Kit

$ 1,250.00 USD
Power Measurement

Need to build a lab or course based around motor or propeller theory in a short time? The Series 1580/1585 education kit may help! This bundle contains everything to allow your students to test and record data about propulsion systems, even motor and propeller samples!

Choose from one of the thrust-stands: The Series 1580 and the Series 1585. The Series 1580 is the basic dynamometer that measures both thrust and torque and is rated for motors and propellers generating a thrust of up to 5 kgf (11 lbf). It has an electrical power measurement limit of 35 V and 45 A continuous. The Series 1585 is the premium dynamometer with enhanced power measurement of up to 50 V and 55 A continuous, higher sampling rate and a 5 V output to support ESCs that don’t have their own built-in power source (BEC). 

In order to enhance the security of the test environment, each kit also includes an enclosure to protect operators. It has been proven safe for propellers under 16” and can retain debris within the enclosure in case of an accident. You still need safety glasses in the room containing the test equipment.

The kit also includes several test samples, carefully selected for their quality and representativity. This way, you can quickly start demonstrations, courses or labs.

This bundle includes:

  • Series 1580 or Series 1585 Thrust Stand and Dynamometer
  • Series 1520/1580/1585 Enclosure
  • Series 1580/1585 No-solder Board
  • Series 1580/1585 Optical RPM Probe V2.2
  • Brushless Motor XOAR 2407 Kv1500
  • Brushless Motor XOAR 2407 Kv2400
  • ESC for 2407
  • Propeller sizes:
      • 8.0"x4.0" 
      • 8.0"x6.0" 
      • 8.0"x8.0" 
      • 9.0"x4.0"

     Optional extra:

    • RC control board (with hook pin to an oscilloscope)*
    • Temperature probe

    RCbenchmark provides two example courses/labs which include material: a PDF for professors regarding the concepts, the operations and detailed results, a PDF for students with step-by-step tutorials and templates to fill in the results. Contact us for more information on those courses covering:

    • Motor theory (Kirchhoff’s law, motor’s efficiency, Kv & Kt)
    • Propeller theory (thrust, efficiency, and flight time)

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