Series 1580/1585 Thrust Stand

$ 625.00 USD

The Series 1580/1585 is a thrust stand and dynamometer tailored for designers of UAVs, drones and other propulsion systems using brushless motors. It features a USB interface and powerful software for automated control and data-logging.

This tool measures both thrust and torque and is rated for motors and propellers generating thrusts of up to 5 kgf (11 lbf). For more propulsion, have a look at our Series 1780.

The Series 1580 has an electrical power measurement limit at 35 V and 45 A continuous, the load measurement has a limited sample rate of 8 Hz. 

The Series 1585 supports power measurement up to 50V and 55A. The force sensors have upgraded electronics to support sampling rate up to 80 measurements per second. The up-gauged main circuit also has improved control output pins, where it now provides 5V to support ESCs that don't have their own built-in power source (BEC).

The product has many available accessories to extend its functionality. At the minimum, we highly recommend you get the optical RPM probe. The Series 1580/1585 includes an electrical RPM sensor, but it could be incompatible with your specific motor/ESC/voltage combination.


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