Quadcopter research platform

OTUS Tracker + Quacopter

Affordable open platform for indoor quadcopter control research, development and education with motion capture. Order the kit from us or build your own.


Start testing after half a day of installation.

Building a quadcopter research lab typically takes months and costs tens of thousands of dollars. We are developing an affordable platform based on mostly open source hardware and software. The software stack is written in Python, a powerful language for researchers, but simple enough for undergraduate students with little coding experience. Our platform supports over ten quadcopters in the same room.

The platform


  • Otus tracker, base stations, and receivers
  • Pixhawk, Dronecode and Dronekit environment.
  • Raspberry Pi.
  • Quadcopter with complete dynamical characterization (mass, inertia and thrust) and replacement parts.
  • Netting for your safety cage

Software and documentation

  • Course theory and instructions for a linear control laboratory using a quadcopter
  • RCbenchmark tracking lab
  • Python library managing communication and taking control of the quadcopter if your robot exits predetermined boundaries.

The Otus tracker ships now. Generation 2 quadcopter platform starts shipping October 2018.

Are you building a quadcopter lab? Would you like to include an exciting project in your robotics course? Contact us below. We offer pre-order discounts. More information about the Otus tracker is available on the Otus product page.