Series 1780

Thrust Stand and Dynamometer

A dynamometer for propellers generating up to 25kgf (55lbf). First to market, this modular product is robust, accurate, vibration and noise-proof, adaptive to coaxial and other configurations.

Maximize flight time and performance.

Spend more time designing.

Reliable design

With temperature-compensated load sensors plus vibration dampers in a tri-pod configuration, the Series 1780 is reliable to measure thrust up to 25kgf and torque up to 12Nm.

Factory calibrated

All measuring electronics are built-in and factory calibrated with standard weights before shipment: they are ready to use once unpacked.

Optical RPM probe

Each load measurement unit includes a redesigned optical RPM probe that allows you to closely monitor the performance of your motors and propellers.


The no-solder board (sold separately) makes the Series 1780 perfect for iterative tests where motors need to be changed frequently.

A modular approach

Completely redesigned to support multiple testing configurations. Build a custom measurement platform to your exact needs.

Reinforced connectors

The motherboard features high-end connectors that are resistant to vibration, robust and most importantly, easy to connect.

Enhanced security

The motherboard features a buzzer to alert users when the system is being overloaded and a safety switch connector to enhance the security of your safety cage. Install a switch in your access door to automatically cut off the motors if the door is opened.

Electrically isolated

Full galvanic isolation protects your computer and the electronics from noise and voltage spikes. Additionally, each connected module is electrically isolated from each other, eliminating completely ground loops and allowing you to use two separate power supplies in coaxial setups.

All-inclusive kits starting at $4,895

Various setups to adapt to your needs

Designed for bigger and more complex UAVs.

Single motor

For a single out-runner motor.

Back-to-back Coaxial

For two motors in a realistic drone mounting, with adjustable distance (minimum 100mm) between the back of two motors.

Face-to-face Coaxial

For two motors facing each other. No restriction on the axial distance between the propellers.

Ducted fan

For a single ducted fan system without torque measurement. (coming soon)


Direct Measurements

  • Voltage (0-60 V).
  • Current (100A continuous, 150A burst).
  • Power (0-6000W).
  • Thrust (±25 kg).
  • Torque (±12 Nm).
  • Motor speed by Optical RPM*.
  • Temperature


  • USB interface.
  • ESC manual control.
  • Supports coaxial measurement**.
  • Adjustable axial and radial distances***.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Galvanic isolation.
  • Output data to CSV files.
  • Automated tests and recording.
  • Powerful scripting abilities.
  • Overload alarm and safety cutoffs.

Derived Measurements

  • Motor efficiency (%).
  • Propeller efficiency (g/W).
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*Optical RPM probe is mandatory and included in the package.
**The coaxial configurations contain two measurement units that work independently of each other: each up to the measuring capacities above. Global performance will be calculated and processed by a single measurement board.
***Optional railing system available for the dual motor systems. The railing system allows for easier adjustment of the axial and/or radial distance between the propellers.

Our Software

Powerful and user-Friendly

The software features many powerful functions that include the following:

  • Manual and automatic control
  • Safety cutoffs
  • Real time feedback
  • CSV data output
  • Adjustable plot refresh rate
  • Redesigned acquisition circuit to offer up to 100Hz sample rate
  • Coaxial motors control within one GUI

An advanced modular design

Configure your own Series 1780 or purchase one of our all-inclusive kits.

Our key components:

  • Calibrated load measurement unit.
  • Motor mount.
  • Two-plate support and L brackets.
  • Motherboard and cables.
  • Power and control console.
  • Optical RPM probe.
  • All systems come with a set of hand tools and fasteners.

Yours to prepare:

  • Motors to be tested.
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).
  • Propellers and propeller adapters.
  • Batteries or power supply for powering your test samples.
  • A suitable protective cage/area to safely contain the Series 1780
  • Computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Follow these steps to use your Series 1780

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