Thrust Stand Series 1520 front view

Series 1520 Thrust Stand 

The perfect tool for drone racers!

Simple thrust stand with a USB interface and powerful software. Measures up to 5kgf of thrust.

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Measure Thrust and Power

Stay ahead of the crowd.

The Series 1520 is accurate and reliable. Obtain the critical data you need to enhance your flight performance.

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Maximum Thrust

5 kgf (11 lbf)

Maximum RPM

100,000 RPM

Maximum Voltage

35 V

Maximum Current

40 A continous

Series 1520 front view, no propeller

Reliable Entry-Level Thrust Stand

Dedicated to improving flight performances.

The accurate strain gauge load cell measures up to 5kgf with ±0.5% tolerance. The thrust stand controls your motor and communicates the measurements to the software via USB.

Simple Installation

Test in minutes instead of weeks.

The hardware is designed for simple installation and to fit most motors. Assemble the thrust stand in a few minutes and you are ready to start the tests!

Comes factory calibrated, but for peace of mind, you can even recalibrate the load cell with your precision calibration weight.

Powerful and User-Friendly Software

The RCbenchmark software features many powerful functions such as automatic control, real-time feedback, CSV data output, and configurable safety limits that can stop the test.

Optional Optical RPM Probe

The Series 1520 already includes an easy to use electrical RPM sensor. For Kv <700 or high-speed motors (>50k rpm), you may need the optical RPM sensor.

Series 1520 optical probe

Product Comparison

Series 1520

Series 1580

Series 1585

Typical use Power system comparison Research and product development Research and product development
Thrust, current, voltage, electrical RPM
Software with control, safety limits and CSV export
Optional Optical RPM Probe
Optional Temperature Probe (up to three) and Airspeed Sensor
Torque, vibration, mechanical efficiency and electrical resistance (Ohmmeter)
Calibration hardware
Up to 80Hz force measurement rate, 55 A, and higher ESD protection.
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